Lyvian Galvão🇧🇷

I started practicing at the age of 15 and since then I have never stopped. I am graduated and certified since 2008. I have more than 33,000 hours of practice in Hatha Yoga, Restorative and Functional Yoga. I have specializations, certifications and Yoga courses for ABPY Children and Pregnant Women, YAYTapia IAYT. I am the reflection of the transmutation of Yoga, within Yoga I found everything I needed, he made me what I am today. He transformed the way I see the world, how I see myself and the other; it transformed the way I relate to the world. It allowed me to find a strength in my body, which I did not know myself. My conscience, my resistance developed not only mentally, but physically. I am committed to what I do, in addition to a lifestyle, Yoga in its roughest form is a daily challenge. My purpose is to develop an interior self-motivation process. For all who are willing to achieve self-elevation, taking them completely out of their comfort zone and leading them to self-understanding. All my applied techniques are deep, for a good development, they benefit you with muscle recovery and strengthening. Together with the practice we create a base of protection, confidence and autonomy of your own body. With study, strength and body awareness. My mission is to unite and bring people closer to Yoga.