Lucy Busch 🇬🇧

Our ability to create our own inner peace or paradise; although being beside a tropical beach, diving into the warm ocean, my surfboard in hand, may still be my favourite of sanctuaries! So how do we create this inner peace/paradise!? Well for me, from my personal experience living abroad as well as from many years of suffering from an eating disorder, depression and anxiety; I have learnt more than ever how self-care is fundamental if we are to make the most of this precious life that we hold. Yoga for me is self-care, for the body, mind and soul. Looking after our bodies, through a mindful physical practice; deepening the breath to calm the mind, and helping us feel more connected to ourselves, our soul if you like, which may lead us to be more connected and helpful to those around us. It all starts with the body and the ripple effect begins. It is a practice, a discipline. There are those who may be natural Yogis, those who manage to maintain that healthy balance. But for the rest of us, Yoga is a wonderful tool, that can help us create our balance and help us lead our most fulfilling lives! My classes are creative sequences, where we can learn to enjoy our bodies creating strength and flexibility, whether it’s through a dynamic Vinyasa style, or a still, steady Hatha practice. My classes focus on cultivating a mindful practice. I look to help the student find their sweet spot, that place that moves you out of your comfort zone, but where you can find ease and lightness within the pose, where you may progress without straining and potentially pushing your body too far. There are many ‘impressive’ poses in yoga, that I myself have been seduced by, but having learnt the hard way, through overdoing it and sometimes through injury. I have finally taken on board the importance of being mindful, giving equal value to both sides of the practice, the restorative and the active, so that we can learn to give our bodies what they need, and this is what I strive to pass on in my classes so that you can fine-tune your ability to find your individual sweet spot!