Elena Stepanova 🇦🇪

She fell in love with yoga following a Bikram course in Thailand in 2014, and completed her first yoga teacher training in March 2016, studying at Yoga Vidiya Gurukul ashram in India. This period of living like a yogi enabled her to significantly deepen her practice, bringing together the yoga asanas philosophy, yoga therapy, meditation, pranayama and chanting. Elena continued to expand her expertise, returning to Rishikesh, India, in March 2018 to study Ayurveda and an additional 100 hours of yoga teacher training. She is also a reiki practitioner, and a certified doula, providing physical and emotional support to women during pregnancy, labour and in the post-natal period. Today, Elena draws on this broad base of knowledge to design classes that effectively address a variety of health issues. This ranges from back pain, sciatica and tight hips, to anxiety and panic attacks, as well as pre- and post-natal yoga. Each of Elena’s classes are different depending on the client’s individual needs and aims, be it physical or emotional. While Elena helps her clients build physical strength and motivation, she also pays close attention to the energy body and its role in healing and maintaining a healthy body and mind. As such, she incorporates breathing techniques, guided meditation, energy healing, aromatherapy and contemplation into her classes, in addition to traditional Hatha yoga practice.